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What is MCA?

MCA is a programme which comes with a 3-year duration and is targeted for those aspirants who are willing to dive deeper into the development of computer applications with the support of contemporary programming language. The students pursuing the MCA course are given a chance to develop modern software through the help of sophisticated tools and techniques. The programme is stretched in a time span of six semesters where the students learn skill development in computers in the first year, the second year teaches a conceptual study framework, and the third year renders specializations and necessary project work. There are ample qualified professionals in the field of information technology which are produced by many colleges who offer Master of Computer Application all over the country. A degree in MCA becomes a useful weapon when it is pursued full time by a college/institution which is recognised by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and UGC (University Grants Commission). Thereby we present you all the necessary details which the aspirants should know about the MCA programme starting from scratch till the end in intricate details.

Advantages of MCA

The MCA programme is comprehensive and structured in a way that best suits the industry. The syllabus is designed in a way that provides in-depth information on subjects such as computer architecture, computer network and programming languages. The study provides an opportunity to focus on a variety of areas. Students can specialise in programme management, application software, MIS Management Information System, Internet and communications. Depending on the expertise after the completion of the MCA, a student can apply to various industries such as network, hardware and software development. Industrial training incorporated into the course prepares students for practical field reasons. The courses are designed to revolve around computer software development

Job opportunities after MCA

Job opportunities are great after the MCA. Depending on the students' interests, they can choose from options. The scope of growth in your career is enormous.

  • System analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Programme Manager
  • Internet Scholar
  • Web Designer
  • Internet expert
  • Database Manager

After graduation, a person can get a well-paying job. The IT industry is one of the most lucrative industries. The expansion of the IT industry creates more job opportunities.

MCA Specializations

Aspirants who are seeking admissions in Master of Computer Application programme from a well-reputed university of their choice must know the further specialisations that they can choose in this field. Candidates are offered these specialisations once they reach the 3rd year of MCA tenure. The specialisation offers candidates a chance to build deeper expertise and skill set into a particular subdomain of the MCA programme for better future prospects. Check the specialization which one can do in the MCA programme.

Specialisations in MCA:

  • . Application Software
  • · Hardware Technology
  • · Systems Management · Networking · Systems Engineering · Troubleshooting · Management Information Systems (MIS) · Software Development · Systems Development

Scope of MCA

Before deciding to take admissions in Master of Computer Application, candidates must know in detail about the future scope of this postgraduate programme. There are a wide variety of job opportunities for MCA graduates in the employment sectors such as Information Technology, Desktop publishing, Banking, NBFC (Non-banking financial company), cloud networking, cloud computing, digital marketing, logistics, Web Designing & Development, E-Commerce, Design Support And Data Communications, Consultancies, Simulation, Security and Surveillance Companies, Stock Exchange, System Maintenance, etc. Reason being, that these professionals get well versed in the field of software/application development and have the prerequisite knowledge of working on a variety of programming languages. Henceforth their demand in the industry goes on increasing.

Careers opportunities after MCA

After completing MCA, aspirants can get employed in different corporations at various job roles across all industries for a better future. Some of the job roles after completing Master of Computer Application have been enlisted here for a better reference.
App Developer – Responsible for the development, management, and design of mobile applications for platforms such as windows, android, IOS, etc.
Business Analyst – Analysis of business opportunities, strength, weakness and strengths to start and operate a business smoothly.
Database Engineer – Accountable for taking control of the operations, validity and relevance of the complex database system.
Ethical Hacker – Experts who hijack a computer system to detect and discover the system vulnerabilities which could otherwise be exploited by any other hacker.
Hardware Engineer – Produces hardware equipment, installs and scrutinises the system to make sure that the internet functions smoothly.
Manual Tester – Physically test the software to make it fit for the end usage.
Technical Writers - Writing documents which involve explaining the technical procedures such as product description, product manuals etc.
Trouble-shooters – Ensuring smooth and simultaneous working of hardware and software for a timely delivery.
Social Media Handler – Handle social media accounts for the promotion of products and services amongst the audience.