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What is BFA?

One of the most prestigious undergraduate degrees in visual arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is the programme which helps students gain skill and experience in various specializations. This course includes sculpture, literature, animation and other specialisations. While students opt for Bachelor in Fine Arts they also have to choose a specialization as per his/her interest. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is usually a three to four years programme which can be pursued through full time, part time or distance learning. Read this complete article by Careers360 to know in detail about the BFA degree.

Advantages of BFA

Learning life skills- By pursuing a degree in fine arts, an individual can develop life skills which will help him throughout his life.Learning job skills- After completing BFA degree an individual also gets an idea of the professional world. He gets to acquire several skills that would help him in his job or professional life in general.
Networking- For individuals wishing to pursue a career in fine arts it is very important to be able to build a network for themselves. A good networking not only help them grow but also find better career opportunities.

Scope of BFA

With modernization and an increase in digitalization, the scope of Bachelor of Fine Arts is increasing at a rapid rate in various sectors. To have an attractive salary, prestige, and popularity after completing graduation students have ample scope in various sectors. One can start as a freelancer and go into photography, direction, fashion and so forth.

Fresh graduates can apply in art gallery, banking, media and public relations. One can showcase his/her talent in private galleries, museums. The multimedia animators and artists can work in video gaming and motion pictures which is popular in the present generation.

  • Advertising Companies
  • Art Studios
  • Educational Institutes
  • Boutiques
  • Publishing Houses
  • Fashion Houses
  • Television Industry
  • Tailoring Shops
  • Websites
  • Theatres
  • Promotion and Product Design
  • Photography
  • Manufacturers

Careers Opportunities after BFA

Students completing their graduation in Bachelor of Fine Arts pursue their careers as writers, art teachers, and art directors to display their outstanding talents. There are ample job opportunities available for freshers and students seeking jobs in the government and private sector. Some of the most promising job opportunities are:
Actor- Students after completing their Bachelor of Fine Arts or BFA degree in Theatre can further pursue to be an actor on stage or on screen. An actor is someone who portrays a character and engages the audience by making them believe that the character is real by drawing their attention.

Art director-As an art director, a person is responsible for visual styles and images in newspapers, magazines, movie and television production, and product packaging. An art director creates the overall design and guides others who develop layouts and artworks.

Art Teacher- An art teacher generally works in school and teaches children how to paint, create, and draw. An art teacher also guides his/her students about art history, creation of art, and theory.

Writer- If a student has creative writing and completed his/her Bachelor of Fine Arts or BFA degree then he/she can opt to become a creative writer and can work with different advertising agencies, PR agencies, publishing houses, newspapers and broadcast companies.

Painter- A painter is like an artist who creates various artwork through oil painting, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, glass painting, pastel color painting, and so forth. Since the painter works independently, he/she can exhibit artwork in galleries and for sale.

Dancer/ dance teacher- As a dance teacher, one is responsible for leading a dance class for people for groups. A teacher teachers various dance forms to students in school through demonstration.

Graphic designer- Being a graphic designer it is a professional job, wherein a person has to assemble several images, motion graphics, typography to create a piece of design.

Animator- As an animator, a person is responsible for creating multiple images known as frames. When these images are presented it gives an illusion of movement which is called animation. Animators can work in various fields like films, video games, and television.

Musician- a musician is a person who creates music using various musical instruments. A musician can compose, create, or perform music. Some of the examples of musicians include rapping, singing, composing, arranging, producing, or orchestration.

Fine artist- A fine artist is a person who creates original artwork using different mediums. Fine artist's work is best described as per his/her area of specialization such as creating twodimensional painting, three-dimensional sculpture, four-dimensional images.