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What is B. Pharma. (Bachelor of Pharmacy)?

B. Pharma. also is known as the Bachelor of Pharmacy is a bachelor's academic degree in the field of pharmacy. B. Pharmacy is the study of various subjects that come under pharmaceutical science such as drug safety, discovery, medical chemistry, industrial pharmacy, and several other subjects. This degree is apt for those individuals who are interested in becoming pharmacists and want to know how various medicinal drugs affect a human body.

Advantages of B. Pharma. (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

There are several advantages of pursuing a B.Pharma. Degree. Some of them are mentioned below:
The degree gives an individual the knowledge of how what as well as where to use which allopathic medicines.
The candidate acquires knowledge about the uses of medicinal plants.
An individual gets the opportunity to start a career in the life sciences industry B.Pharma. degree also proves that the individual is technically qualified & graduate.
Pursuing B.Pharma. helps in acquiring a licence to dispense allopathic medicines which makes him or her a registered Pharmacist.

Career Opportunities after B. Pharma. (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

After doing B. Pharma, there are several career opportunities for students. From the government to the private sector or setting up ones’ own business. Below we have mentioned a few B pharma careers for students who have completed their Bachelor of Pharmacy.

Chemical Technician: A chemical technician also known as a drug technician is a professional who uses lab equipment and techniques to assist chemists and researchers to develop, produce, experimenting and evaluate various chemical products. A chemical technician is responsible for processing chemicals and writing reports.

Drug Inspector: A drug inspector is an individual who has the authority and is qualified to supervise the manufacturing of medical drugs. It is the responsibility of a drug inspector to monitor the safety, utility, and efficiency of the drug which has been manufactured before it is being sold at the counter. It is their primary responsibility to ensure the quality of the drug.

Health Inspector: As a health inspector the individual must investigate various drugs that are deemed harmful for human consumption. It is their duty to eliminate any drugs, that might prove harmful for use by human beings. Health inspectors often look into the complaints and other health concerns, such as keeping a tab on harmful and expired drugs.

Pharmacist:Those who have completed their B. Pharma can also become pharmacists. The primary responsibility of a pharmacist is to provide prescribed medicine or drugs to the patients. They are also responsible for telling the patient how to consume medicine. Often, they also oversee how the patient consuming the medicine. In certain cases, they also conduct health screenings and give immunizations.

Research OfficerAs a research officer one is expected to supervise various research projects and coordinate with the team members to ensure the best possible outcome of the research. They also help to determine the objectives of the research and how to go about doing it. They often analyse various data points during the research to determine the course of the project.

Scope of B. Pharma. (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

When it comes to the scope of B. Pharma., there are plenty of opportunities for students of Bachelor of Pharmacy. For a better understanding of the scope of B. Pharmacy, we will divide it into three sections, scope in the government sector, scope in the private sector, and higher education.

Scope in the Government sector: After completing B. Pharma., there are various options for a student to work in the government sector. Students can apply for the post of drug inspector or a pharmacist in the government sector. The salary of a government drug inspector is also quite good. A fresher can draw a salary of around Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 55,000 depending on the profession the student chooses.

Scope in the Private sector: There is a wider scope in the private sector for someone who has done B. Pharma. There are various jobs available in the private sector in the form of pharmaceutical marketing, quality control, production, and pharmacist. Various companies are looking for quality pharmacists not only in the above-mentioned jobs but others such as regulatory affairs and medical underwriting as well. Since the pharmacy sector in India is growing, there is a high demand for pharmacists in drug manufacturing companies.

Higher Education: If a person is interested in going for higher education, then there is scope for that as well. Those who are interested can opt for M. Pharma. One can-do Masters in pharmaceutics, pharmacology, biotechnology, and clinical pharmacology. Remember one thing, the higher the qualification of the candidate, the higher will be the salary package.

MBA as an option: Those who have completed their B. Pharma have the option of pursuing an MBA. An MBA can help the student get a job in one of the many reputed pharmaceutical companies in India. Also, if the student has completed his or her MBA from a reputed institution, then the salary will also be high.

Ph. D.: Those who are interested in going a step further in higher studies can opt for a Ph.D. in the same. After doing a Ph. D. there are several opportunities. One can start teaching in an institute or do research or join a company as a researcher, the opportunities are plentiful.