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What is B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) - Teaching is a noble profession in India being among the most respected ones. People these days know the importance of education and want their children to be literate, and thus, have to rely upon people called ‘teachers’ for that purpose. However most of the students initially don’t at all like the teachers or their profession, by the time passes, the importance of teachers is understood. Bachelors of Education is a degree with 2 year duration which is a base towards employment as a teacher for primary, secondary or senior secondary levels in a school. In the Indian education system, a person has to complete his/ her schooling at least till class 10 to be counted among literates. The article below deals with complete information of the various facets related with pursuing a degree in Bachelors of Education (B. Ed.), including the top B.Ed entrance exams, syllabus covered, careers opportunities and salary after completing B.Ed degree, etc.

What is the B.Ed full form?

The full form of B.Ed is Bachelors in Education. Hardly anyone uses the B.Ed full form anymore. It is commonly referred as B.Ed by candidates. It is a full time two year course for applicants who want to opt teaching as their career path.

Bachelor of Education Specializations

As such, there are no separate specializations in B.Ed degree unlike other graduation courses. But the students are required to opt for specific subjects while pursuing the bachelor of education degree as part of course duration depending upon what stream they have graduated from. For example, people who are graduates in medical sciences might opt for subjects related with life sciences, and those having a degree in history, or humanities, will choose their subject options accordingly. It may be noted that the subject specified syllabus is there because students who pursue a profession in teaching have to impart knowledge in their own educational field, so it is crucial that they should gain in-depth knowledge of their subjects.

Careers Opportunities after B.Ed

It is well known among the student fraternity that B.Ed is a basic for pursuing a profession in teaching. Candidates can be employed as a teacher at primary, secondary and senior secondary levels. And so, the base of career opportunities after bachelors in education lies around teaching, however, the place of teaching may vary depending upon the employment. Given below are some fields of nature of employment that are open for someone who has completed his/ her B.Ed degree and looking for a career thereafter:

  • Teaching at school
  • Teaching at school
  • Private Tuitions
  • Educational Researcher
  • Online Tuitions
  • Educational Content Developer
  • Educational Consultant
  • Principal and Vice Principal